(photos of Ruggero II  by Francesco Calzolaio)

HERE ARE THE KEYWORDS OF OUR OFFER Creative Tourism Participative User Design Offer by Local Community Experience and Relation HERE YOU GET THE CONCEPT
The  Thematic Experiential Path (TEP) or journey along each path of Carlofortexperiences, is a "creative torurism" product endorsing a genuinely participative design approach. It has been designed & planned with care – and its execution will be closely monitored & controlled – in all details, regarding activities and back stage support.
Our attention points focus on the provision of an equilibrated experience of emotion and comfort, a holistic culture and sport relation to people and nature, an atmosphere of calm and deep feelings, and a full enjoyment of explorations of diving in enchanting sea bottoms, of sailing in strong winds and magic landscapes, of going fishing with real fishermen, of performing ancient tales embedded in nature, of meeting interesting people with peculiar culture and traditions, of dining on a delicate savory and accurate old time cuisine, accompanied by high quality genuine fruit flavored autocton wines.
A niche tourist product for amateurs, put together and offered directly by an aware, considerate, and organised local community. A tourist service certainly else from mass tourism, standardised, anonymous, often individually frustrating tour operator products.
(The concept of "creative tourism" has been conceived by UNESCO, who has endorsed creative tourism as an engaged, authentic experience that promotes an active understanding of the specific culture of a place, through the Creative Cities Network.)
(explore the fotogallery from Carlofortexperiences)
Diving On Foot and Performance Fishing Tourism
“…rather be actors for a week, choosing what to do, in a small group, in the wind, the sea, and the sun traversing Thematic Experiential Paths: sailing, or diving, or fishing, or cooking, or walking in nature enjoying relations with locals, instructors, and tutors, immersed in a authentic ‘Genovese’ tradition while experiencing care and hospitality in cosy hotels and quality restaurants in an genuine unfiltered journey prepared for you directly by the local community of the ‘paize’ of Carloforte , on the ‘insula’ of an ‘insula’ of a peninsula on the island of Saint Peter, in South West Sardinia, one of the large islands in Italy at a credible price, immersed in incredible calm, out of season of mainstream summer vacations…”
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1 Comment to “Home”

  1. By odile matteoda-witte, @

    Dear Team of Carloforte experiences,
    Congratulations for this brilliant idea and concept of creative tourism!
    It does truly justice to the beautiful and unique island of San Pietro.
    I hope that numerous visitors will experience living and sharing the culture and landscape of San Pietro through your passionnate approach. I think this island should be listed on the Unesco World Heritage sites; La Mattanza and the whole site of la Tonnara are just breath-taking and moving, just to name a few of the cultural treasures of the island! let's hope it happens one day…
    Keep me informed of the development of your company!
    Best regards,

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