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Normal duration is 7 Days. From: each Sunday; To: the following Sunday.

A different duration may be agreed upon.

When:  in May & June  and September & October 2010


The TEP programme is the outcome of co-design and co-production with participants. Price depends on TEP duration and on services requested and included (see costs of individual services below and on PRICE page). As a guiding example, price of a 7 days, basic services TEP, is 674,00 €, flight not included, optional additions being available at additional cost (see below).

Number of Participants: from 4 to 10


- Trasport

from and to Cagliari Elmas airport

all transport within St. Peter’s Island

(e.g., from Hotel to Diving Centre, or Restaurants)

- Hotel nights

7 nights in double room at 4 star Hotel Leterrrazze

( www.leterrazze.com )

single rooms available with 105 € supplement, to capability.

- Activities (for a 7 days TEP):

  • 4 guided diving immersions: a comfortable raft BWA of 7.40 m. with a recetiveness of around 14 scuba divers and a comfortable fishing boat, about 10 m. long for 10 divers. The oxygen kit is always on board.  In order to offer a good service and the maximum safety, the dives are organized with a maximum of 5 scuba divers for experienced instructor, able to  show you the characteristics and the beauties of sea bottoms.
  • 1 night  immersion: possible destination ‘Corno’ with ‘approdo’ (landing) ‘al Faro’ (lighthouse) ameliorated with cocktail and small snack at panoramic site to watch the sunset, or ‘Punta delle Oche, or ‘Isola Piana’ with cocktail and small snack and visit of ‘Isola Piana’

- Scuba photo contest

- Visit of old town centre


Diving guided immersions: additional immersions up to 4 are available at 50 € per person each.

Meals & wine

light lunches in local ‘Trattorie’ in Carloforte are available at 20 € per person

full dinner at prime Restaurants in Carloforte are available at 40 € per person

half 0.75 l bottle of good Sardinian wine per person meal

bring along lunch on occasion of full-day excursion ia also available at 20 € per peson

Single rooms available to capability, with 105 € supplement.

Cost of flight is not included (flight to be handled individually, outside of the deal).

WHO IS THE ACTOR IN CARLOFORTEXPERIENCES?                                                                                                                       The concept proposer and implementer for Carlofortexperiences TEPs, is the G@P Association, Carloforte’s destination management organisation, participated by the local community tourist business operators, and coordinated by prof. Gianni Jacucci, Trento, with the support of Know Change srl and eTour srl.

ASSOCIATED LINKS: www.etour.tn.it http://laprogettazionedellepratichesociali.blogspot.com                                                                 http://laprogettazionepartecipata.blogspot.com


telephone number: +39 335 5238163

e-mail address: gianni.jacucci@gmail.com

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