Fishing Tourism TEP info

Telephone number for booking and support:

+39 335 5238163

e-mail address for booking and support:

Concept proposer and implementer for Carlofortexperiences TEP:

The G@P Association,
Carloforte’s destination management organisation,
participated by the local community tourist business operators,
and coordinated by prof. Gianni Jacucci, Trento


From: each Sunday
To: the following Sunday
Duration: 7 Days
When: in September & October 2009
and in May &June  and September & October 2010
starting with September 6th 2009

Price of the full size version, all included TEP is 2000 €,  flight not included. Price of a light version,  basic services TEP is 959,00 €, with optionals at additional cost, flight not included.
Down payment of 600 € (30%) due at reservation
Full payment due  14 days prior to  TEP start
Payments are non refundable in case of cancellation.
Number of Participants: from 5 to 10

from and to Cagliari Elmas airport
all transport within St. Peter’s Island

Hotel nights
7 nights in double room at 4 star Hotel Leterrrazze
( )
single rooms available with 105 € supplement, to capability.

Meals & wine
light lunches in local ‘Trattorie’ in Carloforte
full dinner at prime Restaurants in Carloforte
half 0.75 l bottle of good Sardinian wine per person meal
bring along lunch on occasion of full-day excursion


Fishing tourism with the 15 meters boat of Alessandro and Cristina provides the opportunity to experience all three types of fishing: Tremaglia, pot, longline.
Tremaglia: fish “surprise” (you can capture all kinds of fish and crustacean).

Departure at 6.00, return at 14.00 (lunch box). 1 hours of navigation and haul the nets that the boat has cast the previous day (approximately 2 hours), proceed to the fish de-mashing, which is made directly by guests under the instruction of the crew (about 2 hours), then re cast the nets for the next day (2 hours approximately), 1 hour navigation and we return to port at 14.00 approximately; in case of a shorter time fishing operations (little fish) the day can be enriched with a swim in some cove or with ‘bolentino’ fishing . 8 hours of work.

Pots (Nassa): octopus / lobster / sea bottom fish (‘mostella’ and ‘cappone’): departure at 8.00, returning at 16:00; it is a fishery that offers a relaxing day, the pots are already in fishing and are hauled, primed and re casted, we can then devote the remaining time to ‘bolentino’ fishing . This is the ideal day to offer the lunch on board moored in a nearby cove, and a swim. 8 hours of work.

Longline (Palangaro): prime fish (sea bream, bream, snapper, pagar). Departure at 8.00, back at 16.00 (sack lunch). 1 hour cruising during which the bait is attached to the hooks, the guests being the the executors of the operation, the equipment is casted from the first hook, called “orsar”, to the last “orsa” you count about 200 hooks, about 1 hours. Waiting for the fish to bite, you can go swimming or ‘bolentino’ fishing and have lunch. The action for the recovery of longlines and fish starts In early afternoon (about 2 hours), 1 hour of navigation, and we are in port. 8 hours of work.

Two of the experience days of fishing tourism are with a sack lunch, and the third (Nassa), provides a meal with the catch, organized by the crew on board.

Completing the week of experience two workshops, a session of morays fishing, visit at the local museum accompanied by Sacha, illustration of the use of the fishing equipment made of cork, line, hooks, line for the nets.

weeks come in two versions of engagement, having different price:
- a full experience (6 fishing experince outings and labs), all planned and all included, at a price of 2000,00 € (see above)
- a lighter experience (4 fishing experineces), leaving some free time, including only basic services, leaving out other assets, at a strongly reduced price of 959,00 €, with possibility of adding on optional services – not included in the price. Conditions for reservation and payment same as above.


Cost of flight (flight to be handled individually, outside of the packet deal)
single rooms available with 105 € supplement, to capability

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