To visitors, the territory of the Island of S.Peter offers splendid meeting places and occasions, both for Nature: autocton bird spieces (‘falco della regina’: they dive from the top of the Island hills, down to the sea, through miriads of albatross sailing in the wind), pink ‘fenicotteri’ residing in the ‘salina’, the ancient salt harvesting field, and also many aromatic plants; and for Culture: artisans of peculiar traditional arts, survived from the past: ‘maestri d’ascia’: boat wood carpenters, constructing their peculiar traditional sail boats ‘bilancelle a vela latina’; or ‘tonnarotti’: tuna fishermen, for centuries used to lay ‘tonnara’ type nets in sea waters along the costs of the Island, and to harvest in May ‘passing’ tuna fish by the hundreds (‘tonno di corsa’: following its yearly migration path), in occasion of the ‘mattanza’. In the past as well as now, Nature and Culture provide the frame for the Myths of the Place.



Arriving with the ferry, the feeling is that of landing in someone of the delicious ligurian coast villages, for the architectural style of the buildings and the many narrow streets "carrugi". In fact, it was founded in the '700 from a Genoese colony, departed  from  Tabarka Island, in Tunisia, who stubbornely maintained  the bonds with Genoa, preserving traditions, usages and habits of their origins. The people from Carloforte  speak the "tabarkino" dialect,  that is the ligurian dialect, slightly modified. You can taste  good "pesto" and the ligurian pizza bread. also if some tunisinian influence in local cooking is not missing. 

The naturalistic and landscape aspects have great charm, very different from neighboring arid Sardinia. Innfact they call it  the "green island", with unbelievable pine woods alternating with typical mediterranean bushes. Its coasts are very various; from pleasant beaches of clear sand, in the oriental south zone of the island, to tall and steep bluffs in the line on the north and the west side of the Island. Here "the queen's hawk" nests, “il falco della regina” it is a rare kind ok hawk that thrills the experts. 
Other notable characteristics of Carloforte is the secular fishing of the tuna. Here, every year in spring, the system of nets of the tonnara is set up, one of the few remaining in function in Italy and in the world. The whole Island lives therefore seasonally again the ancient system of tuna fishing, that has reached our days almost unchanged, keeping its peculiar charm in the tradition handed on in centuries. 


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