Six Thematic Experiential Paths of CARLOFORTEXPERIENCES

St. Peter’s Island has volcanic origins. That is why its sea bottoms vary so much: rock reefs, deep canyons, fascinating caves, vertical walls, sandy sea bottoms full of oceanic sea grass and pinna nobilis. This variety allows to satisfy the demands of both begimnners and experienced scuba divers. Those who love taking scuba photos could be very …  (read more| click here!)

If you look at a place through expert eyes, listen to it with sensitive ears, and touch it with expert hands, the place opens up for you, and without reticence it recounts its tales, a great storyteller. Knowing a place through the tales of its Genius Loci is the experience transmitted to us by ancient wisdom through myths. To discover a place is to explore it, feel its life, and connect with it… (read more| click here!)

In fishing tourism, a group of people is accepted onboard, they are given an explanation of the directions of the wind, of the actual weather conditions that allow to sail near the coast only, or not, while the boat takes off and goes on the spot where the fishermen have positioned the nets. Normally, if you go during one and the… (read more| click here!)
Ligurian, Mediterranean, and North African cooking traditions have been intertwined over time and were retained by the refugees Tabarkini, obviously tailored to the new food resources that were on the island. The Arab influence is felt in ‘cashcà’, variant of couscous made of semolina cooked with steam and enriched with separately cooked vegetables. Still preparing ‘maccaruin’, macaroni that were once served as a first course in weddings, the ‘stocafisso’ (stockfish)  Tabarkina style, the ‘cassolla’, soup of various types of fish and shellfish in a condensed sauce… (read more| click here!)

The sailing itineraries to be followed in this part of Sardinia are all different and of considerable charm. If you sail North, passing “Pan di Zucchero”, there is a high and indented coast. Rich in small bays, with no shortage of caves and rocks with strange shapes, one can shore… (read more| click here!)   

The entire pathway that we propose is not a sailing course, but a real and proper experience, where participants are the protagonists of sport life onboard, and of the conduct of the boat. they will participate actively in the maneuvers, refining their knowledge on sailing for regatta. They will do so while visiting beautiful places, which, as seen from the sea… (read more| click here!)
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