QUALITY AND AUTHENTICITY: Three days & three night on foot on the island, plus preparation & assessment, in six calm & friendly days
THE COSY ON FOOT AND PERFORMANCE  TEP (Thematic Experiential Path) of
If you look at a place through expert eyes, listen to it with sensitive ears, and touch it with expert hands, the place opens up for you, and without reticence it recounts its tales, a great storyteller. Knowing a place through the tales of its Genius Loci is the experience transmitted to us by ancient wisdom through myths. To discover a place is to explore it, feel its life, and connect with it. Sometimes even the place needs know us, if only to protect itself. When the Genius Loci feels listened to, he exposes myths and stories, telling humans how to have a non-utilitarian-only relationship with nature.
Past time stories retold in present time places can generate new stories and create deep suggestions in listeners, allowing them to stay with a special attunement in any place. These “wayfarers” – that is, aware travellers – bring home the experience of a great encounter, instead of a stone or a postcard.
During three days and three nights, the “wayfarers” will be accompanied in their journey by tales decorated with place manners, by lights of a sunset, by sounds of nature’s silence, else of running waters along a riverbed. Travelling on this journey, far from any daily routines, opens up a new listening experience, and helps discover the sapience of our own body. Knowledge gained in this way is of a holistic kind, as it passes through all our perceptive channels. Our wayfarers will be given instruments to unveil and acquire holistic knowledge.
They’ll be able to relate to nature afresh, and to regenerate the ecology minded dimension, typical of present times aware individuals.
The myth of the Island recounts of three characters, Razadupaise, Vejiumen, and U Puvuppo. Razadupaise loves giving names to things and learning them by heart, he is not used to writing, and talks all the time; dark skinned and savage Vejiumen relates to things in a sensitive and passionate way; light and volatile U Puvuppo travels through the thoughts of his two companions, taking Razadupaise’s names nd Vejiumen’s passions and turns them into poetry. Then with poetry U Puvuppo entertains his two ompanions, who love listening to him. Only when all together, does the bunch of three appear to be complete.
 Trough this “Totem”, together with the wayfarers we make a journey in the earth of the Island, three days and three nights. Along the path and in the various places we tell our stories, on which we intertwine theater actions, we undertake readings, and make affabulations. That is, we engage in performing. In this context we experiment the experience of learning and knowing. We say a tree, we touch the tree, we listen to the tree, we turn the tree into thought. The journey with a group that has these objectives carries the opportunity for this important experience in the most essential and true way.
Susanna: ‘With clear mind we say: theatre and performance ever more, are searching diversity from self, are leaving aside own habits to open landscapes of curiosity, are searching for the primitive and true need for acting, are learning to live with the inability of doing things. After a period of reflection on the pedagogy of theatre, and on the theatre-tourism pair, we emphasize that research on theatre should not let be hindered by the tourism machine. Quite the contrary, research on theatre should stimulate a new birth of tourism, of a different tourism: we have concluded that theatre is another “place”, that can nurture and can be nurtured by another “tourism”.
Susanna’s On Foot & Performance journey consists of rather substantial physical activity, and it entails the need for overcoming some, albeit non severe, tracking difficulties. It does not require any technical skills, however, and it is appropriate also for rather maturepeople, age wise, if agile.
It starts at about 4 p.m. on the second day of the week, and it ends on the evening of the fifth day. Tents are available for sleeping outdoors in the island three nights in a row. Tents have three bed places and mats each. Participants should bring their own rucksack, and will find clean sleeping-bags. During the trip people will move in an agile manner, so they should carry only drink water and bare necessities for the day. Tents, sleeping bags, water reserves and food will be positioned every day in easy places for night camp. The next day the support team will bring them to the next night camp. Packed meals will be available during the journey.
Every visitor must be provided with personal backpack, head torch for trekking night, clothes and shoes suitable for the maquis (thorns, ticks ….), swimming suit, towel, possibly a sleeping bag – else a clean one will be provided -, a sweatshirt or jackets for the night, whatever needed for personal hygiene, wet wipes, spray or anti mosquito and tick products. Cutlery, glass, containers for food will be provided on site.
We think it to be important to be very clear to prospect participants, and specify that: in three days and three nights on foot there are no services available, but everything happens in the open air; there is no fresh water to wash, except the amount of water each participant carries on self; one does not meet very interesting animals in the path – except, during the nesting, falcons queens – and a few buzzards.
There are no woods but scrub and pine trees, often low; walking is not particularly long – a maximum of ten fifteen kilometers in all -; there are no marked walking trails, or parks; there are no public forest guards or the like. The path to be traversed is relatively easily accessible by land or by sea almost everywhere.
As a dedicated TEP leader, Susanna will organise, monitor, and control the evolution of the entire path, with plenty of behind curtain support. Two tutors will join the group of eight-ten participants and accompany them all along the TEP, providing conversation in English, information, clarification, relation, contact and understanding with natives, as well as body attention such as open air stretching, and movie recording for post-factum appraisal and enjoyment.
Participants will be hosted in double rooms in the three star hotel “Mezzaluna” (www.hotelmezzaluna.it ) during both the first and the last two-nights of the week. Single rooms are available with 105 €supplement, to capability. Light lunches and full dinners – featuring interesting fish and vegetables dishes – will be served at prime restaurants in Carloforte on non-trip days. These meals are opportunities to appreciate flavours and perfumes of the traditional cuisine of Carloforte.
Come on Sunday to Cagliari, the airport of Elmas, the harbour, the train station: a shuttle bus will bring you to Carloforte. Else, be already in Carloforte. Leaving to Cagliari on the next Sunday will be arranged according to need. Transportation from/to other airports in Sardinia, e.g., Alghero, can be arranged at cost, please enquire.
TEP runs from Sunday to Sunday in September and October 2009, starting on Sunday September 13th, 2009; in May and June 2010, starting on Sunday May 9th, 2010; in September and October 2010, starting on Sunday September 5th, 2010.
Price per participant of Susanna’s ON FOOT & PERFORMANCE TEP is 2.000,00 €, all included, except cost of flight. Reservations are granted to availability. A down payment of 30% is due at reservation. Full payment is due 14 days prior to TEP start. Down payments are non refundable in case of cancellation by reserved participants.
Ten participants only are accepted as maximum each week. Also, a minimum number of reservations, four,  is required for the TEP to be confirmed for any particular week. In the case that this minimum number is not reached, communication will be given within 21 days prior to TEP start to reserved participants, and all dawn payments will be entirely refunded, including those for eventually cancelled reservations.
Please note that TEP weeks come in two versions of engagement, havingt different prices:
- a full experience week offer, all planned and all included, at a price of 2000,00 € (as described above)
- a lighter experience week offer, leaving some free time, and including only basic services (thematic eperience services, hotel, transport from and to airport, only a few group transport within the island), at a strongly reduced price of 880,00 €, with the possibility on request of adding on at fixed prices additional optional services – not included in the price just indicated -, tailored to personal choices and taste (dinners and lunches in quality restaurants, or half board in hotel, for non trip days, additional transport within the island). Conditions for reservation and payment same as above.
your flight lands in Cagliari, Sardinia, a mini bus takes you from the airport to Carloforte, via road and Ferryboat, to join a welcome reception at your three stars hotel ‘Mezzaluna’, with your TEP (Thematic Experiential Path) leader and tutors as company, if you arrive at Carloforte in time. Dinner at 20:00 Dinner in ‘paize’ at Chez Secondo at top restaurant ‘Tonno di Corsa’.
gathering with TEA leader and tutors; group acquaintance, and thermalisation activities in the Theatre Atelier of the Group “Botti du Shcoggiu” in ‘paize’; light lunch on the waterfront at the harbour, chez Andrea and Maddalena at top restaurant ‘Osteria della Tonnara’; review of the plan of activities for the week; preparation of mind, body, supplies for the journey; preparation of texts and familiarisation with evocative material; dinner at the restaurant of Hotel ‘Le Terrazze’.
further acquaintance and body activities in group at the Atelier; light lunch in ‘paize’ at ‘Galaia’; back to the hotel to briefly rest and to get ready for departure for the journey in the same afternoon.
WednesdayThursday Friday morning: journey on foot in the Island; Friday night: back to hotel ‘Mezzaluna’,  and dinner on the waterfront at the harbour, chez Mario Leoni at top restaurant ‘Belalugosi’.
morning: at the beach, if good weather, eventual swim; light lunch at trattoria ‘Fraganà’; afternoon: first rest in hotel, then review journey experiences with the support of movie projections;  final social group dinner on the waterfront at the harbour, chez Andrea and Maddalena at top restaurant ‘Osteria della Tonnara’.
Sunday morning: leaving to airport.


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