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QUALITY AND AUTHENTICITY: Sailing regatta and maneuvering in competing boats with peers in six calm & friendly days


At the extreme South Western coast of Sardinia, the ISOLA DI SAN PIETRO, is considered the west most strip of land of Italy and has exercised his incredible charm since very ancient times. The island has always been an important seaport for its geographical position, its safe bays, for its gentle slopes and an abundance of water sources (unlike the neighboring and often arid Sardinia) in the center of the routes of Western Mediterranean. In fact, on the island are still to be found evidences of the passage of Phoenicians and Romans.

But only since ‘700, was the island permanently inhabited by a stable community, coming originally from Genoa. The ancient nautical culture of the settled ligurian colony soon led to Carloforte becoming famous for its shipbuilding and maritime art, strongly distinguished from the rest of Sardinia, characterised by agricultural and pastoral traditions. Carloforte’s “maestri d’ascia” –  ax masters – were considered the best by the famous British Admiral Horatio Nelson, who often landed on the island with his fleet to carry out important work of carpentry. 
There were some “Carlofortini” – from Carloforte – among those who devoted themselves to trade, traveling in the Mediterranean, sailing with traditional “vela Latina” – Latin sail – sailing boats. Testimony handed over to the present day is the "Ruggero II" – Roger II -, a "bilancella" boat with  Latin sail, once used for the transport of raw materials from mining. 
The island, due to its geographical position, has always been invested by the winds. making it a fantastic sail training range. The dominant wind is the Mistral, from the North West, although in recent years, with climate change, has been noticed a greater presence of the Sirocco, from the South East. 
The Island of St. Peter is of ancient volcanic origin, and presents in the North Western side high and steep cliffs and deep narrow inlets, presenting sailors with superlatives scenarios. The bordering coast of the South West of Sardinia, geologically, is one of the oldest rock in Europe. Of considerable charm is the faraglione “The Pan di Zucchero”, one of the geologically oldest cliffs, which unmistakably stands in front of Porto Flavia (ancient point of discharge of mine minerals) South the villages of Nebida and Masua. When the sea is calm, it is very suggestive to spend the night in a boat anchored below the faraglione.

The program foresees daily sailing, boarding in the morning from the marina of Carloforte, landing in the afternoon in time for a shower at three stars hotel “Paola” and dinner in first rate restaurants on the island. 8-10 participants will be divided in groups on identical boats cruising together.
The entire pathway that we propose is not a sailing course, but a real and proper experience, where participants are the protagonists of sport life onboard, and of the conduct of the boat. they will participate actively in the maneuvers, refining their knowledge on sailing for regatta. They will do so while visiting beautiful places, which, as seen from the sea. appear under a completely new light, giving the feeling of experiencing a true exploration.

Responsible for the sailing is Antonello Cambedda, Carlofortino, professional skipper, and sailing instructor, manager of NautiVela Carloforte sailing. Graduated from the renowned Nautical Institute of Carloforte, a sailor since childhood, after years of participation in sailing regattas on dinghies, cruisers, sailing boats and Latin sails, becomes a federal instructor (the Italian Sailing Federation: F.I.V.) in 1998, and federal race judge in 2008. In 2000 he founds the school of sailing NautiVela and decides to turn sailing into his main occupation.

Expert sailers only participate in the Sailing Regatta TEP: participants should have successfully passed an advanced sailing course in the past, their expertise will be checked onboard, and it will be challenged at different levels: initiation, advanced, pre agonistic and agonistic. Participants should master the main maneuvers, of course: to tuck, to luff, to gybe (“virare”, “orzare”, “strambare”), and should have had experience of handling the spinnaker sail.

A dedicated TEP leader with the help of two instructors will organise, monitor, and control the evolution of the entire path, with plenty of behind curtain support. Two tutors will join the group of eight-ten participants (one tutor for six-seven participants) and accompany them all along the TEP, providing conversation in English, information, clarification, relation, contact and understanding with natives, support on all matters including travel, as well movie recording for post-factum appraisal and enjoyment.    





TEP participants will be hosted in double rooms in three star hotel ‘Paola’ during the week ( .  

Single rooms are available with 105 € supplement, to capability. Light lunches and full dinners – featuring interesting fish and vegetables dishes – will be served at prime restaurants in Carloforte on non trip days: opportunities to appreciate flavours and perfumes of the traditional cuisine of Carloforte.

Come on Sunday to Cagliari, the airport of Elmas, the harbour, the train station: a shuttle bus will bring you to Carloforte. Else, be already in Carloforte. Leaving to Cagliari on the next Sunday will be arranged according to need. Transportation from/to other airports in Sardinia, e.g., Alghero, can be arranged at cost, please enquire. 

TEP runs from Sunday to Sunday in September and October 2009, starting on Sunday September 6th, 2009; in May and June 2010, starting on Sunday May 9th, 2010; in September and October 2010, starting on Sunday September 5th, 2010.

Price per participant of SAILING REGATTA TEP is 2.000,00 €, all included, except cost of flight. Reservations are granted to availability. A down payment of 30% is due at reservation. Full payment is due 14 days prior to TEP start. Down payments are non refundable in case of cancellation by reserved participants. 
Ten participants only are accepted as maximum each week. Also, a minimum number of reservations, six,  is required for the TEP to be confirmed for any particular week. In the case that this minimum number is not reached, communication will be given within 21 days prior to TEP start to reserved participants, and all dawn payments will be entirely refunded, including those for eventually cancelled reservations.
An alternative programme is available both in case of bad weather, and to non-sailing company.
Please note that TEP weeks come in two versions of engagement, havingt different prices:
- a full experience week offer (6 day outings), all planned and all included, at a price of 2000,00 € (as described above)
- a lighter experience week offer (4 day outings), leaving some free time, and including only basic services (thematic eperience services, hotel, transport from and to airport), and leaving out other assets (tutors for cultural mediation), at a strongly reduced price of 900,00 €, with the possibility on request of adding on at fixed prices additional optional services – not included in the price just indicated -, tailored to personal choices and taste (dinners and lunches in quality restaurants, or half board in hotel, the provision of personal diving equipment , transport within the island). Conditions for reservation and payment same as above.

A plan of activities has been prepared for the week, weather permitting: the order of activities may vary with the weather:

First day, out on the boat and make the maneuvers in turn, changing roles one after the other, get to know each other, be evaluated by the instructors, in the afternoon pull out the spinnaker sail.

Second day, a day of maneuvers and use of the spinnaker, without buoys, sometimes we must turn and go back, and at this point the theory of race is introduced.

Third day, simulation of the race:
first, the morning with sticks, then triangle in the afternoon, buoys placed by us, or put to sea,
then a long race (from Isola Piana to La Bobba) we see also other places, we do some school, we assign roles, etc..

Penultimate day a long cruise with some sailing by night, we get back in the dark.

Finally a last day with the tour of the island, navigation, nautical chart, away from shallow waters,
as a race,  starting from the South dam and coming to the North dam, losers pay for the ice cream.
In a long sequence of bad weather days, a plan B will be activated: theory, knots, visits of the Island, enology & gastronomy. Plan B is also available to accompanying persons upon request, subject to availability.

your flight lands in Cagliari, Sardinia, best if by early afternoon. A mini bus takes you from the airport to Carloforte in about two hours, via road and Ferryboat. Accomodation at three star Hotel ‘Paola’. At 18:00 you will join Antonello at the NautiVela Carloforte Sailing Centre for a welcome cocktail with your TEP leader and tutors, registration and illustration of the programme of activities for the week. At 20:30 you will enjoy a dinner in the hotel restaurant, ‘1° Maggio’.
10:00 First Boarding on 31 boats. Navigating the channel between St. Peter and Isa. Sardinia. In the morning drills maneuvers, changing roles in turn. Packed lunch. In the afternoon practice with the spinnaker. Expected return around 17:00; 20:00 Dinner on the waterfront at the harbour, Chez Mario at top restaurant ‘Belalugosi’.

10:00 Boarding on First 31. Navigating the channel between St. Peter and Isa. Sardinia. Exercises and maneuvers spinnaker, introduction to the rules of racing. Stop for swimming and lunch. Expected return 17:00. 20:00 Dinner at top restaurant in the ‘paize” chez Nicolo Pomata at ‘Nico Bistrot’.

10:00 Boarding on First 31. Navigating the channel between St. Peter and Isa. Sardinia and around the Island of St. Peter. Simulation of the race trying different types of paths: a stick, a triangle, long race, that is starting from a point and coming to another along the coast.
Stop for swimming and lunch. Expected return around 17:00. 20:00 Dinner in the ‘paize’ at Chez Secondo , top restaurant ‘Tonno di Corsa’.

10:00 Boarding on First 31. Navigating the channel between St. Peter and Isa. Sardinia and towards Porto Flavia and Pan sugar. Tutorial race trying different types of paths: a stick, a triangle, long race, that is starting from a point and coming to another along the coast. Stop for swimming and lunch. Expected return around 17:00. 20:00 Dinner on the waterfront at the harbour, Chez Andrea and Maddalena at top restaurant ‘Osteria della Tonnara’.

Free morning; 12:00 Boarding on First 31. Packed lunch. Navigating to S. Antioco, the islands of the Bull and Cow, Porto Pino. Outline of coaster, correspondence, and use the gps. Long race, that is starting from a point and coming into port with a Carloforte darkness. Outline of night navigation. Snack at 19:00. Expected return 21:00. 22:00 Dinner at restaurant ‘1° Maggio’, at Hotel ‘Paola’.
10:00 Boarding on First 31. Tutorial coaster to Capo Pecora. Stop for swimming and lunch. Final lap race with the island of St. Peter. Expected return around 17:00.
19:00 Aperitif Premiazione for race viewing photos of the week at restaurant ‘Belalugosi’.
20:00 Dinner at ‘Belalugosi’.

Sunday morning: preparing luggage and leaving to airport.

ALTERNATIVE PROGRAMME in case of bad weather, also programme available to non sailing company.

First day: 10:00 AM Visit to ‘Tonnara’; 1:00 PM Light lunch in ‘paize’; 5:00 PM At Sailing Centre projection of film on ‘Tonnara’; 8:00 PM Dinner at top restaurant in ‘paize’.

Second day: 10:00 AM Bus tour of the Island; 1:00 PM Light lunch in ‘paize’; 5:00 PM Visit to Carloforte’s old village centre; 8:00 PM Dinner at top restaurant in ‘paize’.

Third day: 9:00 AM Outing in Nature by walking and/or mountain biking; Light carry along lunch; 6:00 PM Cocktail at Sailing Centre and projection of photos by participants; 8:00 PM Dinner at top restaurant in ‘paize’.

Fourth day: 9:30 AM Gathering at Sailing Centre and training session; 1:00 PM Light lunch in ‘paize’; 4:00 PM Drill; 8:00 PM Dinner at top restaurant in ‘paize’.

Fourth day bis (for non sailing): 9:00 AM Outing in Nature by walking; 1:00 PM Light lunch in ‘paize’; 4:00 PM Visit to the beaches of the Island; 8:00 PM Dinner at top restaurant in ‘paize’.

Fifth day (for non sailing): 10:00 AM Outing on historical boat ‘bilancella a vela latina’ ‘Ruggero II’; 1:00 PM Light lunch in ‘paize’; 3:00 PM Gathering at Sailing Centre and Snorkeling outing; 8:30 PM Dinner in ‘paize’ .

Sixth day (for non scuba): 10:00 AM Outing on oldtimer fishing boat ‘Attilio Padre’; 1:00 PM Light lunch in ‘paize’; 3:00 PM Gathering at Sailing Centre and Snorkeling outing; 8:00 PM Dinner in ‘paize’.


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